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Power of Connection

Jun 4, 2018

Show notes:


In episode 11, the first of Angela's 'Farm Series,' she is joined by her friend and forensic accountant, Tiffany Couch of Acuity Forensics and author of The Thief in Your Company.


Find out why Angela would cross paths and have a need for a forensic accountant and the role Tiffany played in assisting her company leading up to and during the litigation process.  

Tiffany shares practical advice on how to prevent fraud, what the red flag indicators are, and whether one should prosecute or not prosecute. 


Lastly, find out why Ding Dongs were so important in the trial....


Contact Info:

Tiffany Couch -

To purchase The Thief in Your Company - Paperback Version of The Thief in Your Company

On Twitter: @TheTiffanyCouch

On Facebook: @TheTiffanyCouch

On Instagram:@the_thief_in_your_company


Angela Shen -

On Twitter - @angteatime

On Facebook: Power of Connection Podcast


On Instagram: @powerofconnectionpodcast