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Power of Connection

Jan 15, 2018

In episode three, Julia and Angela sit with their good friend, Giselle Mari. Giselle is a yoga teacher based in the Bay Area, San Francisco. They share stories of how their connections with each other has brought them full circle after many years. They laugh their way through the podcast and discuss Giselle's path to teaching yoga, influential people and teachers in her life and what fifth level veganism means.

Giselle teaches locally at Breath Together Yoga Mondays at noon in Los Gatos, as well as at Nandi Yoga Sundays at 9 am in San Mateo.

Giselle Mari Contact: Giselle Mari Yoga Website

                               Giselle Mari Facebook Page

March 18-24, 2018:  Giselle's Fire and Iceland Retreat

Julia Butterfly Hill Website: Julia Butterfly Website

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